Separately Managed Accounts

Please contact Russell Dow for more information (207 878 1142).

Dow Wealth Management offers separately managed portfolios to financial advisors seeking to provide their clients with:

  • Broadly-diversified portfolios of high-quality, directly-owned securities.
  • Two Available Investment Disciplines:
    High-Quality Growth Stock Portfolios
    High-Quality Dividend Income Stock Portfolios
  • Portfolios that are managed to a traditional and academically-credentialed investment philosophy.
  • Solid performance record (+37.7% in 2013 and an average of +180 bps above the S&P 500 annually from 2008-2013).
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  • Portfolios are competitively priced at 0.6% of AUM.
  • Accounts are custodied on the Pershing/Bolton platform, providing a seamless experience for Bolton Global Asset Management financial advisors and their clients, with full account access by the FA through NetX360.

Client Benefits

  • Potentially higher portfolio returns than are realized by investment products or insurance contract investing
  • Tax efficient portfolio management
  • Portfolio transparency
  • The ability to invest according to social or religious considerations.


Financial Advisor Benefits:                                                                                    

  • The potential for significantly higher revenue (+100%) on assets under management:
Manager's Cost
Advisor Fee
Client Cost
Gross Revenue
to FA per
$10 Million AUM
Typical 3rd Party Manager or
Mutual Fund
110 bps50 bps160 bps$50,000
Dow Wealth Management SMA60 bps100 bps160 bps$100,000
Financial Advisor
Enhanced Revenue
  • The ability to provide an additional marker for differentiating your investment practice.
  • Unless requested by the FA, Dow Wealth Management has no contact with your clients.  However, DWM professionals are readily available to participate in client conference calls.