Bank and Investment Company Partnerships

BookcaseDow Wealth Management engages in partnership arrangements with regional and local banks and investment companies. Many banks have attempted to expand their service offerings to include in-house investment advisors stationed in various branches. However, there are many pitfalls to this “We offer investment advice, too” approach. Banking and investment clients have become more sophisticated, and they can tell when investment advisory services are just an afterthought. Selecting Dow Wealth Management as your bank’s affiliate can offer a compelling alternative for your banking clients.

In direct contrast to the vast majority of investment firms, Dow has never utilized inefficient product investments such as mutual funds or variable annuities even for small balance clients. With a focus on selecting quality securities that are owned in segregated private accounts, we help clients maximize their potential for long-term investment success.

How can we achieve this for your clients?

Using our robust, proprietary portfolio management software and our own methods for assessing the quality of a client’s portfolio, we construct and manage individual investment portfolios comprised primarily of direct securities holdings in companies which exhibit the financial strength and growth characteristics that we have found to be successful in achieving our clients’ investment objectives.